Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I was contacted a few months ago through Etsy by a couple ladies who were starting a new company called Glow Gift. Long story short: we met, I sewed, we met a few more times, and voila! They were ready to launch and I was finished up with my sewing for them. It is a great idea, just take a look at the site and you'll see how well thought out and gorgeous everything is!
Here is a sampling of some of the items I sewed for them. Can you find my stuff?


So my sweet friend Cynthia, who by the way is my sewing hero and is beyond talented, gave me a little nudge to post something on this ol' blog again. It's been a crazy year between moving 900 miles, transitioning to a new city, having my 4th baby, etc. so unfortunately sewing has been shifted to the back burner.
However, I just got a new shipment of fabric in a couple days ago and already have great plans on what I'm going to create. Pictures will soon follow.
To hold you over though, here are a couple pics of items I've sewn in the past couple weeks: